Email Phishing

Email Phishing During Coronavirus

Scamwatch reports over 2,000 coronavirus-related scam reports Scamwatch has reported over $700,000 in losses from businesses around Australia since the coronavirus pandemic due to phishing. While businesses continue to soldier on as the coronavirus shows no signs of stopping, the serious threat of ransomware is evolving tremendously.   Don’t trust ‘myGov’ links Scammers are pretending […]

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Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom and Other Applications

Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom and Other Applications

Communication is key to remote work With remote work, communication is key to ensure the success of your operation. Because of this, platforms such as Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become invaluable tools in helping companies manage products, arrange meetings and exchange information despite kilometres of distance. However, with so many tools to choose […]

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knowledge security breaches and malware attacks

Peace of Mind – What is it Worth to You?

Will peace of mind prevent an attack from happening? Not necessarily – but putting effective safety measures in place to protect your company’s data, especially while remote access to data is 100% necessary, can help you avert a breach that could cost your company an abundance of resources, time and money to fix.  Reports from […]

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ransomware attacks

What’s the Real Cost of Ransomware?

With this increase comes an inflation of costs associated with this technique. Whether you’re working in-house or your business has switched to remote work due to restrictions, ransomware poses a serious threat to users across the world, particularly big businesses and tech companies with a lot to lose.  By infecting computers or mobile devices, this […]

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