5 Important Cyber Security Tips for Small Business Owners

1. Enable proper password management It seems like a basic one, but you’d be surprised how many businesses just use their company name and postcode or street number as a password for all their systems! Or worse, the age old favourite “admin1234”. If you were to change one thing about your security today, the most […]

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Notifiable Data Breach: Is Your Business Prepared?

What is a notifiable data breach? Put simply, a data breach occurs when personal information is accessed or disclosed without authorisation or is lost. It’s considered notifiable when the breach is likely to result in serious harm. Examples of serious harm include: Identify theft Financial loss through fraud A likely risk of physical harm, such […]

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Why Two-factor Authentication is Important For your Company’s IT Security

So what can a business do to keep itself secure? There’s no silver bullet solution – after all, they say the only totally secure computer is one that’s switched off – but there are moves you can make and changes you can roll out that will make a significant difference to your organisation’s security. Key […]

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Does My Business Need Onsite IT Support?

The changing face of corporate IT  The last two decades have seen an explosion in the number of businesses embracing software-as-a-service, cloud computing, managed IT services and other remote workplace solutions. No longer are businesses having to invest hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in building and maintaining their own server farms – these […]

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Office 365 or Microsoft 365: Which Should Your Business Choose?

What is Office 365? Years ago when you purchased software it’d come on a disc drive that needed to be installed to your computer. You might have been able to download a few updates or patches, but if you needed a big upgrade you’d have to buy the next version. Office 365 changed all of […]

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IT Security Basics for Everyday Business

In our latest paper, ‘IT security basics for everyday businesses’ we demystify IT security and share budget-friendly tips, so you can begin putting basic security measures in place. It’s remarkably easy.

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Cyber Security and your SME: What to Expect in 2019

We’ve compiled the trends and predictions from some of Australia’s leading cybersecurity experts. There is no question the threat landscape is changing and these consistent, yet contrasting, views are an interesting read.

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IT security basics for everyday businesses

In our latest paper, ‘IT security basics for everyday businesses’ we demystify IT security and share budget-friendly tips, so you can begin putting basic security measures in place. It’s remarkably easy.


MOIRA Casestudy

An in-depth case study into how we helped MOIRA during an unparalleled period of growth navigate an office relocation and improve efficiencies across their IT infrastructure and security. Upon doing so, building a strong relationship and continuing to provide Managed IT Services.