Predictions for IT in 2020

Nathan |

A new decade means new introductions to IT. Predicting these developments in society can be challenging especially within the evolving landscape of technology, but after analysing the trends experienced in 2019 it’s easier to sift out the front runners in automation and where the future could take us this year.

Predictions for IT in 2020

The cloud will quickly replace ISDN as a highly scalable and more cost effective option

First defined in the 80s, ISDN has proven to be outdated with the introduction of cloud systems. Deemed costly and obsolete, the PSTN and ISDN networks are being decommissioned with the rollout of NBN across Australia, requiring businesses across the continent to migrate from ISDN to more scalable platforms. In favour of the new multi-technology mix, networks that utilise VoIP phone systems and other cloud-based communications will become more prevalent.

The introduction of 5G will bring forth new risks in cyber security

After a surprise launch by Verizon in April 2019, 5G positioned itself as the first global offering of a next-generation network. While 5G provides a plethora of benefits including increased data speed, rapid innovation and higher reliability, it heightens the potential risk of sensitive data being compromised due to Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks. Because the security protocols and algorithms for 5G are being ported from 4G standards, device fingerprinting or the threat of targeted attacks is very real. 

A cashless society will become a more prevalent alternative

With China currently leading the charge in adopting a completely cashless society, other countries are edging closer to similar business models. Brands including Amazon, Disney and Starbucks have ditched the cash and instead are incorporating cashier-less technology into stores across the world. In 2020 we will see the gradual adoption of user-friendly integrations and solutions that will help better capture data and alter traditional models of marketing and supply chain.

The remote workforce will continue to grow

The popularity of remote work has steadily increased by 44% in the last 5 years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. In 2020 we’ll see more companies building out workflows and processes that invite and attract the possibility to perform at high levels while working remotely. The ability to outsource IT services has also made it much easier for businesses to regulate productivity and online safety in the workplace. State-of-the-art video conferencing will become the new norm as meetings make the switch from traditional face-to-face to the majority of attendees being distributed across various locations around the world.

Fear of pandemics (like coronavirus) will take its toll on the workforce

The global spread and subsequent panic of the coronavirus has caused distribution of IT parts to slow down. This is a result of quarantine and increased border security to minimise the impact of the pandemic. It will likely also lead to more people staying home to avoid becoming infected. This means that remote accessibility of the workforce will become critical. Businesses that can work from anywhere will have a distinct advantage over companies that require all employees in-house.

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