Have you ever had a presentation where your IT wouldn’t connect, wasting yours and your client’s time and making your whole operation appear amateur? Maybe you’ve hosted a teleconference and couldn’t hear the other person on the end?

IT should support your business – never hamper its success.

When you partner with The IT Department, you get a team that treats your business and its objectives like they’re our own. Our virtual IT services are simple, affordable and effective – ensuring you get the support you need, whenever you need it.

What are virtual IT services?

Put simply, virtual IT services are support from a remote or ‘virtual’ location. This means our team is available by email, over the phone or via video conference when you have any issues with your IT services. If things get too complicated to communicate, we can also access your network remotely, ensuring we can quickly and effectively resolve anything that comes up.

On top of support, we also offer IT consulting, and strategy planning and execution to ensure your business is moving with the times. Our experienced teams will make sure you’re investing in the IT infrastructure that will improve your company’s performance.

CIO as a Service

Know you need IT but not sure what? We can provide effective ongoing management of your IT strategy execution.

Small Business IT Support

Not everyone can afford an in-house IT department – which is why we offer support to small businesses, ensuring you continue to run smoothly.

IT Consultancy

Our knowledge spans the entire technology stack, so we can consult on a range of IT services, including hosted environments.

Benefits of virtual IT services

From peace of mind to better pricing, virtual IT services come with a wide range of benefits for businesses of all sizes. Some of these include:

  • Reduced labour costs – No need to pay wages to an IT employee or department
  • Access to experienced and qualified experts – Everyone you speak to at The IT Department are highly trained.
  • Increased efficiency – Watch as your productivity skyrockets, thanks to IT that works.
  • Completely scalable – As your business grows, so does your IT requirements. We can grow quickly with you.
  • 24/7 support – No matter the time of the day or night, we’re available to assist.

Get started with The IT Department

The IT Department is an Australian IT service provider. We’ve been operating in the industry for 17 years, providing IT services to a large portfolio of clients, spanning small to medium enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. We help free you from the burden of IT management, allowing your business to focus on its core purpose.

If you’re ready to get your business back on track, and want to take advantage of the benefits that virtual IT services bring, The IT Department are here to help. Start planning for long-term business success and get in touch with our team today. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements before coming up with a tailored solution that meets your needs.

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