Our Story

Our Story

How did we get here?

We’re fighting the good fight against confusing tech, online vulnerabilities, downtime and the sea of support tickets your team’s drowning in. An IT department with zero staff turnover and experts that won’t drink your coffee or take the good desk by the window. Refreshing, isn’t it?
The early days

Welcome to John’s lounge

Let’s take it back to 2001, where The Virtual IT Department was born in John Cromie’s lounge. It started off with a desire to support the disability and care sector with their IT needs, which quickly developed into the aged care sector and the realm of small-medium businesses. It didn’t take long for John to round up more techies to service organisations Australia-wide.
20 years later

Keeping IT in the family

Fast forward to today and we’re still a family business, with John’s youngest daughter and her husband running things. Anna and Liam Furlong have kept that dedication to being a long-term partner to our clients, not just another IT services provider. From quick-fix troubleshooting to full-blown digital transformations, keeping your business business-ing is what we do.
The future

Propelling businesses forward

We take your success personally. Our team is motivated by shaping the right IT solutions that bring meaningful, positive change. Helping you make the best technical choices and skipping the gimmicks and inefficiencies means we can help you take your potential - and fulfil it.
Why we exist

The Virtual IT Department is here to bring meaningful, positive change to the industries we think are the backbone of our society.

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Say g’day to the team

We have lots of nice things to say about our team and we know you will too. Dedicated, kind, honest and a whole lotta fun.

Now you know the team, let’s talk about your business.

Tell us about your IT needs and we’ll get Melbourne’s friendliest tech experts on the case.
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