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We’re untangling the overwhelm and keeping your tech running smoothly.

From systems maintenance to upgrades and troubleshooting, remote IT support means you’re never in the dark.
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The IT support company in Melbourne leading the rally

The rally against buggy tech. Slow software, old-school systems, bulky hardware, viruses and full-blown tech disasters. From your pet peeves to the stuff that could seriously damage the organisation, we provide business IT support to Melbourne and the rest of Australia that ups your competitive edge through it all.
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Office relocation services

Got bigger, better premises in your sights? Awesome! But while you’re arranging the seating plan and ordering a ping-pong table, have you planned the IT setup? With specialist knowledge in AV equipment, telecommunications infrastructure, office IT hardware and software, our office relocation specialists support your transition and have you settled into your new office without any hit to productivity.

Office 365 migration

Feeling like you’re a few systems behind the competition? Businesses today have a need for speed, and a migration to Office 365 brings a whole new level of efficiency. Our business IT support services get your communications infrastructure working like a dream.

Office migration services

Any big shift in your IT infrastructure comes with a heap of moving parts. If you’re making a change in your cloud storage, server, data storage or email services, you’ll need an IT migration plan that irons out the details. That means a quick move with no downtime, productivity decline or loss of data. Sounds like a job for The IT Department.

Virtual CIO

When your internal team has its hands full, think of your VCIO as a trusted advisor who’s not on the payroll. A technical touchpoint that’s just a phone call away, your Virtual Chief Information Officer is there to talk things through and help you make the right choices. From IT strategy to policies, budget and cybersecurity, our Melbourne IT support specialists align tech with your business direction.

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