Managed IT Support

Keep costs low and your service standard high. Remote IT support lets you offload the techie stuff to people who understand it (and kinda’ love it). We’re your right-hand team for managing downtime, disaster recovery and technical support. So, you can keep running a secure business that’s safeguarded against modern-day mishaps, while we take care of your business IT support.

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How we do IT managed support services

Remote IT support is about outsourcing your IT infrastructure and management. Like everything we do here, we customise our service to your needs. Do you need a full platter of managed IT support services, or just one or two solutions? 

We work remotely, so you get to incorporate new skills into your business without having to train us or share your coffee with us. Our approach is proactive, but if you ever need us, our Melbourne-based team is just at the other end of the phone. No speaking to a robot, pushing buttons and being directed back to a webpage - because we hate that too.

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The main advantages of remote IT support

We could list 100s of benefits of remote IT support, but you haven’t got all day, so we’ll stick to just a few. Essentially, we’re here to take IT tasks off your hands, so your team can focus on what they’re good at and you can grow your business. We make up for a lack of tech skills within the organisation (the things you don’t want to spend all day Googling) and most importantly, we safeguard your business against modern-day threats. Your cyber safety comes first, but reliability and fixed monthly fees mean your budget will thank you, too.

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Unlimited support & 24/7 help desk

Our support desk is onshore and we have staff available day and night, so we’re always free for a chat about managed IT support.

Modern-day security

We spot threats before they wreak havoc, working proactively to ensure your business stays protected against emerging vulnerabilities.

Custom, scalable solutions

In the mood to grow your business? We can scale your remote IT support as needed, so everything runs smoothly even as the goalposts change.

We provide:

If it's business as usual, it's covered.

We reckon you deserve to spend more time keeping customers happy and taking a long lunch every now and then. Our managed services include the stuff you need to make that happen.

What's included?

Unlimited Support - 100% onshore and inhouse
Strategy Services
Proactive Maintenance
Dark Web Breach Checks
Mail Filtering
EndPoint Security
Phishing Training
Advanced Monitoring & Reporting
Workstation Fleet Rollover Services
Office 365 / Google Third Party Backup
Backup Monitoring
Knowledge Management System
Third Party Provider Management (printers, internet, Line of Business apps)
Customer satisfaction rating of above 95% (across ALL client tickets - 97.9% for 2019, 99.1% in 2020, 98.5% in 2021)
30 min ticket resolution time
Service Level Agreements
99.95% server uptime (across more than 200 servers under management)

A little extra

What if something comes up? Large projects and some changes aren’t classed as business as usual, but we can still help out. When it comes to after-hours emergencies, we find out what you'd like us to get you involved in and what you'd like to hear about in the morning.
We consider a project anything outside of ‘business as usual’ that goes beyond the scope of our monthly agreement. Projects are highly collaborative and often driven by your organisations growth apetite and needs, and will be scoped and quoted for approval before progressing.
As for after hours, to give you peace of mind we usually have an agreed amount of pre-approved hours for emergencies and will be in communication with you should something unforeseen beyond that comes up. The control is in your hands with our team at your fingertips.

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Get your focus back with managed IT support services

Eliminate routine tasks and the terror of not knowing if your business is protected from online threats. With The Virtual IT Department, it’s always protected - and running smoothly. Talk to our team to discuss your needs.
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