Endpoint Detection & Response

Robust cybersecurity has never been more important. Sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. And if your business doesn’t have the expertise to identify threats, or the tools to act quickly and limit the damage, you’ll find yourself scrambling for support and solutions every time something goes wrong. Preparation and in-built expertise are everything. Building a mature detection and response program can take years. Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you.

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Strengthen your security, 24/7

We take things a few steps further than detection and response. Our goal is to strengthen your organisation’s security position and reduce your risk exposure around the clock — so you’re ready for whatever’s lurking around the corner. By combining cybersecurity technology with our threat know-how, we’re able to find, monitor and respond to threats heading towards your organisation’s network.

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Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Managed detection and response is just one tool in our managed security services toolbox. Although not available as a standalone product, we can build MDR into your overall managed security, alongside extended detection and response (EDR), a Security Operation Centre (SOC) and other safeguarding features.

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Continual detection of threats

Eyes on your business at all times. We evolve with the threat landscape, for defence against existing and emerging cyber threats.

End-to-end protection

Spot and eliminate threats early in the attack chain and stay protected long after they’re gone. EDR centralises data from multiple sources for a better picture of what’s happening.

Fast emergency response time

We move quickly to minimise the damage of threats. The SOC is a partnership between AI and humans, making the best decisions fast. It can usually capture active threats in less than 5 minutes, and lock down the compromised workstation.

We provide:

If it's business as usual, it's covered.

We reckon you deserve to spend more time keeping customers happy and taking a long lunch every now and then. Our managed services include the stuff you need to make that happen.

What's included?

Unlimited Support - 100% onshore and inhouse
Strategy Services
Proactive Maintenance
Dark Web Breach Checks
Mail Filtering
EndPoint Security
Phishing Training
Advanced Monitoring & Reporting
Workstation Fleet Rollover Services
Office 365 / Google Third Party Backup
Backup Monitoring
Knowledge Management System
Third Party Provider Management (printers, internet, Line of Business apps)
Customer satisfaction rating of above 95% (across ALL client tickets - 97.9% for 2019, 99.1% in 2020, 98.5% in 2021)
30 min ticket resolution time
Service Level Agreements
99.95% server uptime (across more than 200 servers under management)

A little extra

What if something comes up? Large projects and some changes aren’t classed as business as usual, but we can still help out. When it comes to after-hours emergencies, we find out what you'd like us to get you involved in and what you'd like to hear about in the morning.
We consider a project anything outside of ‘business as usual’ that goes beyond the scope of our monthly agreement. Projects are highly collaborative and often driven by your organisations growth apetite and needs, and will be scoped and quoted for approval before progressing.
As for after hours, to give you peace of mind we usually have an agreed amount of pre-approved hours for emergencies and will be in communication with you should something unforeseen beyond that comes up. The control is in your hands with our team at your fingertips.

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Build your business’ defence with 24/7 MDR security services

The modern tech environment means security threats are coming at you from every angle. Our always-on managed detection and response services take care of each one. Because risk-taking in cybersecurity is never a good idea.
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