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Get a team of experts remotely managing your IT infrastructure and end-user systems. A management services provider (like us) provides a set of pre-defined services day-to-day. We keep your systems safely working in the background while you work on running, growing and making your business awesome. Now you no longer need to worry about lengthy downtime or interruptions - and the financial backlash that comes with it.

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How managed service providers work

We can’t speak for other managed IT service providers, but we work on a “surprise-free” basis. In other words, we deliver pre-agreed services (SLAs) at a fixed price every month. So you know exactly what to expect: A well-maintained IT infrastructure that’s safe from threats, not long (infuriating) downtime and unexplained items on your invoice. Based remotely in our own Melbourne office, we manage your IT systems and security, respond to and fix any issues, and keep your data backed up.

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The benefits of hiring an IT managed service provider 

Imagine being able to keep your business running smoothly and productively, without any tech disasters ruining your day. That’s what you get with a managed services provider - and so much more. If something does go wrong, we put plans in place to get you back up and running in no time, with your data safely where it belongs. Your remote team works behind the scenes providing everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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24/7 local support

Unlimited support from our Melbourne-based desk, with staff available around the clock.

Competitive edge

Serve your customers in the best way. An IT managed service provider helps you maximise productivity and keep customer data under unbreakable wraps.


Our services are scalable. So if your business grows, we can keep up.

We provide:

If it's business as usual, it's covered.

We reckon you deserve to spend more time keeping customers happy and taking a long lunch every now and then. Our managed services include the stuff you need to make that happen.

What's included?

Unlimited Support - 100% onshore and inhouse
Strategy Services
Proactive Maintenance
Dark Web Breach Checks
Mail Filtering
EndPoint Security
Phishing Training
Advanced Monitoring & Reporting
Workstation Fleet Rollover Services
Office 365 / Google Third Party Backup
Backup Monitoring
Knowledge Management System
Third Party Provider Management (printers, internet, Line of Business apps)
Customer satisfaction rating of above 95% (across ALL client tickets - 97.9% for 2019, 99.1% in 2020, 98.5% in 2021)
30 min ticket resolution time
Service Level Agreements
99.95% server uptime (across more than 200 servers under management)

A little extra

What if something comes up? Large projects and some changes aren’t classed as business as usual, but we can still help out. When it comes to after-hours emergencies, we find out what you'd like us to get you involved in and what you'd like to hear about in the morning.
We consider a project anything outside of ‘business as usual’ that goes beyond the scope of our monthly agreement. Projects are highly collaborative and often driven by your organisations growth apetite and needs, and will be scoped and quoted for approval before progressing.
As for after hours, to give you peace of mind we usually have an agreed amount of pre-approved hours for emergencies and will be in communication with you should something unforeseen beyond that comes up. The control is in your hands with our team at your fingertips.

Get started

Get the perfect level of support for your business

Together, we’ll decide on the best ongoing services based on what you need. So you can focus on running your business with the knowledge that your IT systems are working as they should and are safe from modern-day threats.
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