Our founder, Dr John Cromie, has worked in the IT industry since graduating in Engineering in the early 1970’s. Working for hardware vendors and consulting firms, John found his way to Hewlett-Packard by the end of the 70’s and was impressed by their strong commitment to customer service. He rose through the company to become a Division General Manager over a period of 12 years, and finally took the division private in 1990 as part of a major restructure of HP’s global operations. The division became a successful global software company, and rose to become the leader in the burgeoning field of software management. The early 2000’s found John heading the company from its headquarters in Nashua, NH. However, following the devastation of 9/11, he returned to Australia in early 2002, a safer place to raise a family.

The plan for The IT Department was based on two core ideas. The first was the increasing gap between the availability and the capability of small and medium organisations to adopt new IT technologies. The second was the surprising lack of service orientation in the Australian market. With his strong background in service in the IT sector, he felt well equipped to meet these market needs. And thus was born The IT Department. John’s initial clients were drawn from a range of industry segments, but he quickly discovered that disability service providers (DSPs) were poorly serviced, and felt the need to focus his attention there. Word of mouth soon brought many DSPs to The IT Department, and this has remained the focus of our activities in the many years since.

Our passion remains service and competence, and our values additionally encompass integrity, relationship, empathy, community and fun. The IT Department now serves clients in all Australian states, and is highly reputed for its commitment to the DSP sector and its knowledge of systems and technologies of special relevance to DSPs in an NDIS world.





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