Our Story

We are The IT Department, a dedicated group of talented IT professionals who share an exhaustive understanding of the unique needs of the small business, disability, aged care and community sectors.

Today, our portfolio of clients spans a wide range of non-profit and for-profit small to medium enterprises whose goal for IT is to free themselves from the burden of IT management and focus on their core organisational purpose. Our team remains united in our mission to apply a deeply human and empathetic approach to all that we do. Through the championing of core values connecting Service, Competence, Integrity and Relationships, we deliver highly focused IT services designed to solve our client’s individual business challenges and improve the way our clients’ businesses run on a daily basis.

The story of how we came to be


Our story began back in 2002. As a newly established IT business, and after discussions with a Victorian based Disability Service Provider, we identified a serious need for an IT service provider who could better cater to the diverse needs of the disability sector. Quickly demonstrating results and delivering on these needs saw demand for our niche services grow. It wasn’t long before we were tasked with provisioning services to the peak body, NDS, to assist organisations across Australia in the transition to NDIS funding. As word spread, overlap in demand for our skillset and approach saw parallel sectors – such as community sector organisations and aged care – request our services, and we soon expanded to fill these industry gaps.

The Team

Anthony Tsesmelis

Service Delivery Manager

Family man, love of Formula One, fishing, happy to chat about anything and like getting things done. Oh, BBQ’s in summer ; )

Daniel Lazar


Health aficionado, gym devotee, extreme carnivore and expert listener!

Dean Slabak

Technical Account Manager

A caffeine enthusiast who is going to unplug and spend less time in front of the screen, one day!

Ken Chan

Technical Account Manager

Loves reading, karaoke, and camping with family. Passionate about cutting edge gadgets and technologies. Always seeking out for good food, and good beer!

Kristine Saunders

Technical Account Manager

Rugby league and science fiction nut who has a black belt in karate.  Enjoys playing the viola, art and reading.  Proud owner of two dogs who tow me around all over the place when talking them for walks.

Lachlan Messner

Senior Project Engineer

A man who loves his family, with whiskey a close second. A man of the outdoors who wants to see every inch of our great country!

Loretta Bull

Finance and Administration Manager

I’m a proud wife and Mum who loves exploring the world (and planning the journeys), wine, food, reading, history, art and music.

Nathan Morel

Business Development Manager

Loves all things family, BBQ, craft beer, kayak fishing and his free range pig farm.  Oh, and a tragic Saints supporter.

Teeghan Bishop

Office Administrator

Relentless podcast listener, office nutrition expert, curious as a cat and lover of fermented grapes!

Tracy Evans

Senior Consultant

Trying to find the perfect balance between work, life, study, gym, cycling and coffee

Travis Burns

Support Engineer

When not answering your calls, I enjoy reading, fishing, travelling and sampling as many beers as possible

Tim Leask

Support Desk Team Lead

Tesla enthusiast and futurist, factoid collector and distributor. Resident old geezer.

Tim Tuturas

Support Engineer

ICT student, snowboarder, BMW enthusiast and lazy perfectionist. “This must be done absolutely perfectly… tomorrow”

Yousuf Patel

Technical Account Manager

Family above all, love Football (Soccer), watching movies and love food.

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