January 13, 2022

Hybrid Working Tools for Australian Businesses

The Hybrid Working Tools Keeping Australian Businesses Moving

When the global pandemic first settled in the southern hemisphere at the beginning of 2020, businesses across Australia collectively panicked. And we’re not afraid to admit it. Now we’ve had almost two years to get used to this thing, we’re adapting. So much so that even as we move into 2022 with a smidge more optimism, it seems that remote working and hybrid teams are here to stay.

Technology for today’s hybrid workplace

According to a 2021 State of Remote Work report, Australians aren’t yet sick of talking to our dogs - and only our dogs - every day. 77.7% of Aussies would like to stick to a hybrid workplace going forward, meaning a combination of working in the office and working from home. Employers that enforce a full office return can expect the majority of their employees to ask for some other form of flexibility.

Because, for all its downfalls, the pandemic taught us the value of a work-life balance, and gave organisations fresh insights into improving efficiency. In most cases, that means eliminating or drastically cutting down the time of face-to-face meetings.

As major Australian employers including The Big Four Banks, Adobe and Medibank embrace a hybrid approach, it’s important that businesses are opting for the best technology in optimal ways. 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the tech, our advice is this: don’t overdo it. Introducing too much new technology at once can confuse and overwhelm employees. Multiple messenger platforms actually compromise connection and collaboration, and tracking when employees are online just demonstrates a lack of trust between management and staff, so always approach new tools with caution. 

Our favourite hybrid working tools for 2022

Staying in touch

  1. Slack
  2. Microsoft Teams
  3. Zoom

It’s important that employees can quickly contact management or each other. Decide on just one or two communication channels, or you risk information getting lost - and the hunt to find a certain file or log-in credentials is a time-suck.

Sharing files

  1. DropBox
  2. Google Drive
  3. SharePoint

If you haven’t done it already, it’s time to move your business to the cloud. Choose a centralised location that hybrid teams can access to upload, share, edit and collaborate on projects. These tools can be accessed from anywhere - including mobile phones - for a seamless process that’s perfect for remote teams. 

Project management

  1. Asana
  2. Monday
  3. Hive
  4. Trello
  5. Notion

Your preferred project management tool will depend on the size of your organisation. While smaller hybrid teams can get by with Trello, larger organisations will benefit from the more comprehensive Asana. Complete with visually appealing interfaces, these hybrid working tools help teams to track the progress of projects and increase overall accountability. 


  1. Laptops
  2. Smartphones
  3. Wireless mouse/quality headset/webcam

When remote working first became the norm, most employees had to make do with their personal laptops and smartphones. This isn’t great from a productivity or security point of view, but providing your teams with new, quality hardware makes sure they’re set up with the kit they need to continue working at home without disruption.


  1. Malware protection
  2. VPN

How cyber-secure is your hybrid workplace? The rise in people working from home has opened up more opportunities for hackers and cybercriminals. Make sure you implement protection against malware and ransomware on home devices, and protect your business’ privacy with a VPN.  

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