January 25, 2022

Technological Innovation in Education

The Importance of Technological Innovation in Education

Progressive technology should show up in every classroom in Australia. With the pandemic upending traditional school systems, online learning took a front seat in 2020 and 2021. Beyond COVID, though, digital innovation within the education sector will always matter. We’re not talking gadgets-for-the-sake-of-gadgets or iPhones so students can secretly use TikTok. We’re talking cutting edge IT solutions for every Australian school.

Investing in tech for schools in Australia

As part of the Australian digital economy strategy for 2021-2022, the federal government is allocating $800,000 to identify ways to meet Australia’s digital skill needs within the education sector. 

The country’s startups are doing their part to propel schools forward, with the Australian EdTech sector doubling in size just pre-COVID. In 2020, we saw more than $10 billion poured in from venture capital investments, as the traditional education model is being forced to catch up or get left behind.

Got some time on your hands? Read the full report ‘Building Innovation: Learning with Technologies’ by the Australian Council for Educational Research. Just want to cut to the chase? Stick around as we cover the reasons why digital innovation in higher education, as well as primary, secondary and senior secondary, is a win for both teachers and students.

The benefits of education technology in the classroom

Education technology in Australia is coming along leaps and bounds, as schools look for cost-effective, modern ways to assist students and teachers. 

Just some reasons to leave the chalkboard in the past include:

  1. Leaning becomes more interactive

Copying down notes about a chemical reaction is pretty dry. Watching that chemical reaction as an interactive video is much more engaging, and therefore, more likely to be remembered. Individual iPads or large touch-sensitive displays in the classroom make a huge difference here.

  1. Instil innovative thinking in students

Today’s learners are the leaders of tomorrow. The world’s technology is innovating at a cheetah’s pace, and it’s important to shift the minds of young learners so they embrace tech as they move into the working world. Traditional education methods resist changing something that isn’t broken, but that’s not how things work nowadays. Technological innovation encourages students and teachers to explore new angles and shake up old ways of thinking.

  1. Reach students in new ways

Every pupil is different - and so they learn in unique ways. Rigid teaching methods can be disengaging to some, who might benefit from new tools and new ways to absorb information. Far from just some gimmicks, technology such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 3D printers help students find a new enthusiasm for certain topics.

  1. Communicate with other students, teachers & guardians

Investing in communication software for the education industry provides institutions with a streamlined system to communicate quickly and effectively. Whether it’s reminding a student about homework or sending reports out to parents/guardians, digital innovation is key to more reliable processes. 

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