July 5, 2022

You Can Now Nab Your .au Domain

You Can Now Nab Your .au Domain

Remember back in March we told you to get ready to register for a .au domain? Well, we did. You can see here.

Now we’re here to let you know that .au is still open for preferential access. Until September 2022, there will be a priority allocation process in place so you can nab a new domain for your business. If you get in quickly, you should be able to get an exact match of your domain - to keep that online presence consistent.

Check where you sit on the priority list

How do you know if you’ll actually be able to secure the domain name you want? If you’re the only business applying for a particular name during the priority period, the domain will be yours to buy and begin using.

However, if there’s more than one match for your name, there are some priority categories that guide how this name gets allocated.

Priority Category 1

This category gets first dibs. It’s reserved for names created on or before February 4th 2018, the original cut-off date. If more than one business has applied for the same name before this date, there’ll be a negotiation between them all to decide who gets it.

Priority Category 2

This is where any businesses that applied for a specific domain after February 4th hang out. They’re second in line for the name they want, but if only Category 2 applicants go after a particular name, the one that applied first will get it.

Some other bits and bobs about who gets what:

  • If no one applies for an exact match of an existing domain, the public will be able to purchase it once the priority period is up
  • It’s important that you update your registrant details of any existing domains (such as and before the launch period kicks off

Why would you want to apply for a .au domain?

This is a domain for Aussies - quite literally. It’s basically a shorter, snappier alternative to the old domains we know so well. .au is proof that you’re a local business, since you’ll need to provide proof of an Australian address if you sign up. No copycats or overseas business will get a look in.

.au is faster to type and easier to remember. Your potential customers won’t have to remember whether to throw in a .com, .net or .org when they’re searching for you via the address bar.

So, if you already own a second-level domain, make sure you snap up the matching .au domain before someone else does - and takes some of your traffic with it.

You can use platforms like auDA and GoDaddy to grab a domain.

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