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December 7, 2021

How an MSP Can Save You Money

How a Managed Service Provider Can Save You Money

Every business wants to maximise resources while saving money. You have a budget to stick to, and unexpected tech disasters are less than ideal. The good news is that managed service providers have evolved so organisations can save money while getting the IT help they need to get up and running - and stay there.

In fact, one survey by CompTIA found that 46% of companies asked were able to reduce their budget by at least 25% when they began outsourcing their IT needs to a managed service provider (MSP).

So, let’s get to the point. Here’s how an MSP can save you money (and head aches) to make that IT budget go further.

More uptime; less downtime

Technical issues that cause unplanned downtime can be expensive for businesses. While your most tech-savvy employees are busy trying to get things moving again, overall productivity takes a hit. Not only that, but service unavailability can quickly persuade customers to look elsewhere for your services.

A remote IT support department keeps an eye on your system to resolve any issues before they have a chance to harm your bottom line.

Proactive security & maintenance

In the business world, preventative maintenance is always advised over the fire-fighting approach. IT services are critical, and a proactive approach to both security and maintenance keeps your services operational all year round.

This includes keeping your software up-to-date, saving you the time and costs associated with doing it yourself - as well as with dealing with data breaches and hacking events.

Set prices for better budgeting

Businesses can get expertise on tap when they work with an MSP. The business model adopted by most modern service providers means organisations don’t have to pay a fee every time they use a service or ask a question. A monthly fee covers the lot, so you don’t have to worry about any dollar-sign surprises that could blow the budget.

When you know that one set cost is taking care of all of your IT concerns, you can plan ahead and invest in other areas of your business that might need it.

Reduced in-house costs

The biggie when it comes to saving money by outsourcing your IT department is lower infrastructure costs and energy bills. With no need for in-house hardware and equipment, or an IT team, businesses can make significant savings. In fact, with your entire data centre being held off-site, could you even downsize to a smaller office?

Modern business models to suit modern businesses

At The IT Department, our services are designed to deliver maximum value for money to our clients. We know that rigid contracts don’t really work these days, and that one business won’t necessarily need the same services as the business down the road. That’s why we create a custom support plan that fills in the gaps in your own business, to guarantee cost savings as well as peace-of-mind.

Ask The IT Department about how you could save

Find out about our per user cost and how it can be shaped to suit your business’ needs. Our model is as straightforward as they come, so there’s no awkward price plans or unexplained costs. Give us a call on 1300 10 10 40 to find out more.

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