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October 28, 2021

IT Support Pricing: Where Does Your Budget Go?

Thanks to the development of remote cloud technologies, businesses have more cost-effective choices available to them when it comes to IT management. Gone are the days when we had to build out in-house IT teams, dealing with downtime and even working from notepads whenever the IT specialist was on holiday or out with the flu.

Now, pretty much all of the services and support you need can be outsourced to a remote IT provider. But how much should you pay for IT support to be sure you’re getting a good deal? Let’s take a look at how switching to a remote team could benefit your budget and your business.  

What do you get for your money?

This year, the IT support sector is expected to grow 9% compared to last year. This is partially due to the impact of coronavirus, but it’s expected that remote partnerships are here to stay thanks to the flexibility and value-for-money they deliver.

When you outsource IT support or solutions, you’re in the driving seat. You can choose to entrust the lot to your virtual tech department, or handpick the services you need, to complement your existing team. 

Some handy remote IT services to consider include:

  • Remote server maintenance - keeping things up and running behind the scenes
  • Remote desktop management - secure support that defends against technical issues and viruses
  • Major projects - including moving offices or transitioning to the cloud
  • Software selection - the applications that will set your business up for success

IT support pricing vs. a full-time IT person

The benefits of remote IT support become clear when you consider the real cost of hiring an in-house technician. In Australia, you can expect to pay anywhere between $44,000 and $100,000 per year for one person’s salary, plus costs for office space, equipment, training, superannuation, etc.

While we get that it’s comforting to have a dedicated technician on-site, consider how you’d keep systems moving whenever they’re not at work. Extensive downtime and viruses are costs you might not have banked on.

The cost of outsourcing IT solutions tends to be much lower - and more flexible. You’ll have a team of experts who can quickly solve problems and find ways to optimise your systems, and you can turn services on and off as needed.

How we do things at The IT Department

At The IT Department, our services are shaped to offer maximum value to our clients. We start with an obligation-free discussion around your existing IT systems, so we can find out what’s working and what could be improved.

We’ll also find out more about your mix of full-time and part-time staff, and their required access to supported computer systems. With these insights, we can put together a custom quote and proposal about how The IT Department could fill in the gaps in your business. 

With 24/7 coverage and customised support solutions, the businesses we work with know they can count on reliable IT support.

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