Managed IT Security Services

Keypad entry, surveillance cameras and an alarm system that links to your phone.

Locking down the physical security aspects for your business is just the start. Luckily, we’re keeping IT safe, too.
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That’s IT security taken care of

The best time to level up your business’ IT cyber security is before you realise you need it. We’re not hanging around for system failures, malicious attacks, viruses, improper use of data, IoT vulnerabilities or natural disasters to strike. We’re getting proactive. Let The IT Department safeguard your business with the most up-to-date PPE for IT on the market.
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Our managed IT security services

Cybersecurity Audits

Has your business got its hardest crash helmet on? We’ll review your IT security to catch vulnerabilities, threats and high-risk processes before they do damage.


Disaster-proof your business with a long-term cybersecurity plan that takes you out of stressy reactive mode to “we’ve got this covered” mode.

Employee Education

Human error and a lack of knowledge are most businesses’ biggest threats. Protect against data breaches and the financial fallout by keeping staff up-to-speed.

Filtering out dangers

Fight off the baddies. Email filtering, web filtering and firewalls keep threats locked out so your business can carry on business-ing trouble-free.

OS Security Patches

Are your operating systems (OS) vulnerable? Leave the OS security patches to us to keep your systems moving with the best line of defence.

Keeping you updated

Anti-virus and anti-malware software isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it gig. They need consistent updates to keep your business protected against new threats that show up daily.

Sounds like a job for The IT Department

Double up your defence with an IT security specialist safeguarding your business. We’re a virtual IT department offering around the clock support for bullet-proof security and a weight off your shoulders. Get started by chatting with our team today.
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