Cyber Security and Aged Care Services

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The IT Department story began as a conversation with a Victorian based disability services provider. Over the course of that conversation, it was made clear to us that this provider understood the importance of strong cyber security protocols but lacked the resources to implement their own onsite IT support.
This conversation took place back in 2002 and formed the basis of what would go on to become the central goal of the IT Department – to help small businesses, and particularly care providers, develop reliable and secure information technology systems.

Today, the aged and community care services are undergoing a crisis in confidence following the revelations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. Now, more than ever, the sector needs effective support in order to regain the confidence of the Australian public.

In this article, we want to take a closer look at the importance of cyber security in the aged and community care spaces, and how the IT Department is working toward ensuring that these businesses have a viable way forward.

Information and Security

Every care provider will appreciate that the body of information they handle is sensitive. And while the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) has been improving health outcomes for Australians through nation-wide digital health systems and services since 2016, very few providers are effectively equipped to handle the complexities of protecting that information.

It’s a question of resourcing and coordination. The overwhelming majority of Australia’s 1,800+ aged care providers are relatively small operations. Only a small percentage of aged care providers have what they need to develop a complete IT solution – they have to instead rely upon what works.

But the bare minimum is not enough. At least, not when it comes to cyber security. Without the right support, aged care providers can leave themselves open to data breach and exploitation, as well as unplanned downtime.

The Path Forward for Aged Care Providers

The recent Royal Commission into aged care has highlighted not only the failings of the sector, but also the path forward. Right now, the industry requires leadership and innovation.

The IT Department exists as a way of bridging the gap between that awareness and the lack of resources with which so many providers have had to make do. The advancements that have been made in remote work, and the reach that these advancements have allowed operations like ours, have made it possible for providers of all shapes and sizes to find support in their IT needs.

Speak to a specialist at the IT Department

The IT Department is a virtual IT support services provider and consultancy that understands the specific needs of the aged and community care sector. As the industry is experiencing unprecedented changes, the coming years will see reform and technological disruption entirely reshape what it means to operate in this space. 

If you’re looking to ensure that your organisation isn’t left behind, we can support you in your path towards IT improvement and efficiency. Get in contact with us to learn more about what we can make possible for you.