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The Types of Managed Services Your IT Provider Can Offer

What is a managed service?   An MS is a remote service that takes care of your specialised day-to-day operations. A managed service provider (MSP) has the capabilities to provide the necessary infrastructure and IT support for businesses that can’t afford – or don’t want – to pay for in-house talent.   When you outsource […]

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What is a Virtual CIO & Why Should You Care?

What is a VCIO? We’re glad you asked! A Chief Information Officer (CIO) takes care of a business’ IT infrastructure and strategy. That means thinking of the “bigger picture” and making sure you have the technology systems in place to support this vision.   A CIO is a senior role that manages both IT strategy […]

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IT Support Pricing: Where Does Your Budget Go?

What do you get for your money? This year, the IT support sector is expected to grow 9% compared to last year. This is partially due to the impact of coronavirus, but it’s expected that remote partnerships are here to stay thanks to the flexibility and value-for-money they deliver.   When you outsource IT support […]

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How to Help Employees Get Onboard with New Tech Tools

Change to logistics and processes is another challenge, especially when giving your company a technological overhaul. For existing companies, changing mindsets is not easy, whilst for a startup, the challenge is delivering your software and processes in such a way that the staff base quickly gets onboard. ZD Net explains how Australia has a vibrant and […]

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What is Gootkit & How is it Poisoning Search?

What is Gootkit? Gootkit is Java-script based malware that’s been around for more than half a decade, but has recently innovated itself to present more threats to users online. The Gootkit malware family is most notable for banking credential theft, but performs a range of malicious activities, including keystroke capturing, video recording, email and password […]

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Aged Care & IT Support

Aged Care & the Desperate Need for IT Innovation

The link between technology & quality of life Embracing technology equips aged care providers with better management systems, while helping the elderly to live a better quality of life, providing more peace-of-mind to families, and in some cases, it could save a life.   Some benefits of aged care technology include:   Remote monitoring enables […]

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Breaking Down the Data Breaches on the Aussie Government

What is a data breach? A data breach describes an incident where information is accessed, lost, altered, disclosed or destroyed without authorisation. It’s a security breach that could occur due to deliberate or accidental reasons. The result is a loss of personal data, or a compromise of the integrity or confidentiality of that data.   […]

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Email Phishing: What it is & How to Stay Safe

What is email phishing? The easiest way to remember what “phishing” is, is to think of it as cybercriminals “fishing” for your information. They do this by sending fraudulent emails (like those in your junk folder, or the sneaky ones that sometimes make it into your inbox), to lure you into providing things like passwords, […]

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RideSpace: The Predictive Modelling Technology for Victoria’s Commuters

We’re making our way back into the office, going to the gym, and even getting on the beers. With this comes concerns about getting from A to B and complying with physical distancing in the process. To help give commuters peace of mind, a free, mobile-responsive minisite known as RideSpace has been fast-tracked and made […]

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If Google Breaks Up With Australia, Will Bing Be Ready?

 It comes after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) proposed laws that would force tech heavyweights Google and Facebook to pay domestic news outlets for their content, including payment for links and snippets. Google and Facebook have called the regulations “unworkable” and have threatened to withdraw key services from the country, should the government […]

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