What Drives Businesses to Depend on Managed IT Services?

Nathan |

Managed IT services are becoming more commonplace in the outsourcing marketplace, and they have rapidly become the preferred way of structuring IT resources for many organisations.

What is it that makes them so attractive?

There’s no big mystery behind their uptake – they simply offer an effective, easy to manage and highly scalable way to configure and manage your infrastructure. In this blog, the IT Department breaks down why businesses of every size should be considering managed services to support their operations. Read on and make a more informed choice for your business.

What about keeping it in-house? 

In-house IT departments have their place and have had their time, but for many businesses they simply do not offer the best value and the greatest utility. From the earliest decades of corporate IT all the way up to the 2000s, the predominant model for any organisation looking to bring some technical expertise onboard was by building a full stack in-house IT team, but this has its drawbacks.

Finding and retaining talented specialists with the skills your business needs to achieve its goals is costly and time-consuming. This team then needs to be provided with equipment, tools, consumables and ongoing training to ensure that it can do its job. They have to be integrated into an organisation chart, with workflows set up to allow them to interface with other departments, with KPIs set, measured and revised in order to ensure that they’re delivering value for the business. 

All of these administrative tasks need to be managed while you’re directing the rest of the business, creating organisational inertia that makes it harder for you to pivot rapidly as your business’ goals and the market’s needs change. 

A lighter, more streamlined alternative 

Managed IT services are so attractive to businesses precisely because they don’t create this pressure on your organisation to stay the course. Outsourcing your IT department not only cuts your labour costs, it also allows you to be more agile in the marketplace. When new trends emerge, you don’t need to push as hard to redirect your organisation towards fresh opportunity. 

Equally, managed services can allow the business greater flexibility in how they configure their infrastructure. As opposed to a pure cloud-based or SaaS solution where the business owns minimal hardware and primarily accesses its services through a provider-owned server, managed services allow you to construct your own network. Vital for industries with strict data protection and privacy restrictions such as healthcare and law, this means you can better meet your regulatory requirements while still enjoying the time and cost-savings associated with outsourcing. 

Tailored solutions for your organisation 

The IT Department offers a full suite of managed services designed to help every business succeed. From day-to-day IT maintenance to assistance with specific and technical functions or large-scale projects, our expertise ensures that whatever your question, we’ve got the answer. 

Start a conversation with one of our team-members today and discover why we’re the preferred partner of organisations across the country.